Spell-Checking for ReSharper

Your code will be written once. It will be read (by you and others) many times. Code should be easy to read. This means that I should be able to scan a screen full of code and get a sense of what it does quickly. Layout and spacing plays s big part in that. Naming things with real, recognizable words just as important.

If you buy that, it goes without saying that those words that make up your identifiers must be spelled correctly. I am a terrible speller. As a C++ coder, I loved that Visual Assist would give me the red squiggles under any word that I misspelled. This has been the only regret I have about moving from VA to ReSharper. In every other way, ReSharper is a win over what VA offered.

I’ve just discovered Agent Smith as a plug-in to ReSharper. I had to make a few tweaks and drop one of the checking rules, but I am loving it. My ReSharper experience is now complete!