Below are some quotes from several people who have worked with Eric and have a first hand account of the high level of the quality that his experience and expertise can bring to your company. 

“I have worked with Eric on several occasions through the past 12 years and have found him to be the most reliable person I have worked with.  When it comes to getting the job done, I would trust him above any one else.  He is extremely bright and solves the problems he faces with elegant, yet practical solutions.  He is forward thinking and hasn’t faced a problem he can’t solve.  He is well read and keeps up with current developments in the field of software engineering.”

— Paul KingDirector, Technology & Architecture, MAPICS, Inc (2005)

“In my eight years in the software and technology industry I have only met a handful of people that I would consider ‘developers’. Eric is one of those people. I have relied on Eric to develop industry leading applications in the past, and will certainly continue to do so in the future. You would be hard pressed to find a more capable software developer.”

— Eric B. Schorvitz, Ph.D., VP, Emerging Markets, CheckFree Corporation (2005)

“Having worked with Eric on various projects over the last several years, I can attest to his abilities in what I regard are the responsibilities of a senior/architect level person. With Eric, you not only have a person with a high level of technical and management skills, but a person who understands how to use those skills to accomplish the tasks at hand. When you combine that along with his strong work ethic and great attitude, you’ve got one outstanding seasoned professional. I have worked with many developers over the years and Eric is among the top few who take exceptionally great pride and responsibility in his work and his ability to stay up on technology. I can honestly say I believe just about any development team would benefit in some fashion from having Eric as a member. I would look forward to working with Eric again on future projects.”

— Paul Sioros, Director, Technology & Architecture, SBC Systems, Inc. (2005)

“Eric has an excellent grasp of the issues and problems involved in creating software solutions in today’s technologies; he also has a very strong personal work ethic. When my colleagues and I discuss who we would want with us in the metaphorical ‘lifeboat’ when our continued existence depended on both the capabilities and personalities of those who we are with. By choice, Eric would be one of the people in my lifeboat.”

— Richard Bosworth, Sr. Director of Development, Epicor Software (2004)

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