Technical Leadership

The world needs software systems that perform, scale, and are easily maintained and enhanced over time. That requires the application of sound architectural judgment. Judgment is honed by experience. I have been building maintainable, scalable systems for over two decades. All good software starts with sound principles of user-centered starting point, domain-driven design, and sound application of the fundamentals of object-orientation, functional programming, and behavioral and data modeling.

Foundations of LeadershipHigh Performing Teams

It takes teams of people to build today’s systems. I’ve built teams from scratch as well as adopted existing teams. In every case, I’ve created organizations that are effective in knowing what to build and how to build it. Those teams scale because of the systems I’ve developed or adopted for hiring, on-boarding, coaching, mentoring, work breakdown & tracking, and team collaboration & accountability. Being “agile” is no longer enough.

Recent Experience

My recent work has immersed me in Software as a Service, mobile, and most recently predictive analytics. I’ve built mobile workforce automation systems, scalable Software as a Service offerings, and led development of a predictive analytics system based on machine learning for the insurance industry.

What’s Next?

I’m ready to bring my love of building great teams and software that delights users to a growing software company or start-up that wants to make the world a better place by delivering solutions that are better than anything available today. My hands-on experience with the technology, building productive teams, creating a culture of engagement and ownership, and technical strategy could be the catalyst to take your venture to the next level of success.

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